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Jaye Simpson, CLE, LC, CIIM

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Care Providers

Jaye’s Preferred Provider's...

Over the past several years I have worked long and hard to find care providers for the families I work with who are not only excellent at what they do, but also affordable, ethical and who care as much as I do about the families and babies we work with.  I am very proud to have this list of strong and caring providers to help you and your family.

Frenotomy (for tongue-tie)

Dr. L. Judd, DDS
Folsom, CA

Dr. Judd is the best frenotomy provider in the area and my ONLY recommendation at this time.  He has the most extensive training and experience of any provider I have worked with.


Gray Chiropractic Center
Dr. Julie Gray, D.C., D.A.C.N.B.
Fair Oaks, CA
Adult and Pediatric Care

Connections Chiropractic
Dr. Esther Hall, D.C.
Placerville, CA 
Adult and Pediatric Care

Universal Chiropractic and Functional Rehabilitation
Dr. Nelson Ong, D.C.
Elk Grove, CA
Adult and Pediatric Care

Bodywork Practitioners

Speech and Language Therapy Associates
Mary Currier, M.S., CCC-SLP
Susan Lee, PT
Citrus Height, CA

Lucy Ball, CMT, CST
(works with both adults and children)
4136 Pennsylvania Ave.
Fair Oaks, CA  95628

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